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Mark I would like to thank you and everyone involved in making my fly rod. It was delivered in good condition about 2 months ago and yesterday was the first time I was able to test it out under real fishing conditions. In a rare March 60 degree light wind day in Michigan I got out in my canoe and did some messing around with the new 8wt that you made for me.

This was a very happy day as I was a little apprehensive about buying form a company I did not know much about. Man you guys nailed it. This instantly my favorite rod.

I have 14 rods of varying mid to low price and this was the most I have ever spent on a rod and it is just fantastic.

Please feel free to add my name to your happy customer list.

thank you,

Hi Mark

Went to the mail box Friday (we live out in the sticks 6 hours north of Sydney on a ranch where I breed horses and cattle and mail only comes twice a week) and there was the rod.Thank you very much a great job very nice not too fancy just how I like it but very well made. If I can push any business your way from Aussie I will and if I want another rod I will give you a shout. Went down to the dam(pond) straight away and cast fantastic,So once again thanks a lot.

Kind regards


My name is Kalyn, and 6 or 7 years ago I bought a flyrod from you all. I've loved it since I first casted it, and I thought I'd share a photo with you. Thank you.


The Z-Axis #7wt i got from you guys by far is the best rod i have ever held in my hands. I thank you for such great work and great customer service that also went into this rod. Without a question in my mind the next Sage i get will be from you guys Thanks.

Zak, North Carolina, USA

I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic job you did on my T&T; 905. It is virtually perfect, and by far the fastest and smoothest fly rod I have ever owned. I have built an occasional rod myself over the last 20 years, but do not come close to your workmanship. Thanks for adding the specials for me (my name and 20 inch wrap). When my wife is ready for her special rod, we will be in touch.


Took it for a spin this last weekend, smooth as silk and almost like there's nothing even in my hand.


I tried the rod today. It loads and shoots with ease. I can usually tie at least one knot in the leader with all that casting, it never happened. I can't tell you how pleased I stumbled onto your website and got this great rod. Thanks again.