Zero Balancedtm Custom Fly Rods

Most Accurate, Greatest Distance

Flycatcher takes great rod blanks and turns them into superb fly rods. Our unique Zero Balancetm builds in the handcrafted difference every discerning fly fisherman can feel. We take the time to do what the rod manufacturers can"t do; one rod at a time.

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Manufacturers make rods in a factory, in volume. Consistency and repeatability are key elements of the manufacturing process. Their goal is to build quality in by removing variability in components and building every rod the same way to exacting standards. To allow this to happen they work to make rod blanks that are identical one to another. They do a good job of this, just not a great job. The distance from good to great is where Flycatcher lives.

No matter how good you build a rod (blank), every rod section is going to have a "spine"; that is, a direction in which the rod section flexes more easily than other directions. [Try it yourself. Put the tip end of your top section on the ground with your finger pressing down on the ferrule end. You will see the rod section wants to flex the same direction every time.]

Each rod section also has variances in the way and the amount the section bends when flexed. It gives each rod a unique flex profile. For maximum power transfer (to the fly line) the guides need to be placed along the rod in a way so as to minimize the total gap formed between the fly line and the bent rod.

Zero Balancing adjusts each rod to fill the gap from good to perfect.

Linear Torque Tuningtm

zero balanced linear torque tuning ... Maximum power, maximum distance. Linear Torque Tuning compensates for variations in rod flex variations. Rods taper from butt to tip. The rate of taper impacts the behavior of the rod from slow to fast. Each rod has a natural curvature to it that varies from one blank to the next. Maximum energy transfer to the fly line and fly occurs when placement of rod guides reinforces the natural curvature. Linear Torque Tuning allows us to place the rod guides at precise locations to reinforce the natural curvature.

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Orbital Rotary Alignmenttm

spine finder tool ... Accurate casts every time. Casting a fly rod is like rolling a bowling ball, seriously. Its all in the follow through. Follow through on a fly rod means not just releasing the cast at the right time in the right direction but also that the rod itself follows the line smoothly and accurately. A rod that is not orbitally aligned will not follow through truly. Zero Balance Orbital Alignment assures that all sections of the rod blank are orbitally aligned for accurate castling.

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Extra-Ordinary Components

... Unmatched performance. Face it, most rod manufacturers don"t use the best rod components even on high end rods. The vast majority of consumers just don"t want to pay the price! Not so for a hand crafted rod made and sold one at a time. And nothing makes a bigger difference in rod performance, not just when you first cast your rod, but for years to come than the rod guides. Flycatcher uses only the hardest and lightest rod guides available to provide maximum energy transfer and least amount of resistance to the fly line. All of that adds up to superior distance now and ten years from now.

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Extreme Finishing Touches

... A lifetime of fishing pleasure. The ultimate rod deserves the ultimate accessories. That is what we aspire to: organic filament silk thread, the highest grade Portuguese grip cork available, and Bellinger solid box elder wood / nickel silver reel seats.

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