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User Reviews of G Loomis IMX Fly Rods

by Mark Waldin Flycatcher Custom Fly Rods – I’ve sold a lot of IMX blanks and complete fly rods.  The IMX is not the newest rod (blank) on the market but over the years it has generated one of the largest followings I have seen.  But because it is not a ‘new’ rod, there is not a lot on forums and web sites about this rod.  One thing to note is that it is a mid-priced rod and most typically a 3 section (told you is wasn’t new to the market!) rod.  If you want a quality rod with a good feel many people will tell you, you can’t go wrong with it.  Here is what I could find on the forums:

When Loomis started messing with their rod classifications ( GL4, etc.)and than got out of the rodbuilding blank business they lost a lots of customers and people who would recommend their products. Made no sense to me to completely change everything and leave their customers with zero knowledge base to work with if they wanted to continue to sell product. When they started selling blanks again they were less than a premium quality product, Angler’s Workshop and others were doing a heck of a return business if they weren’t first checking the blanks before they went out. Loomis and others are having a hard time now selling a premium priced product in the market today. Everyone associated with them is feeling the pinch right now. All this said I have always likes the IMX series when I could get a straight one to work with. Blanks like the Rainshdow RX8+ is what I use now to fit the same market. –Rodbuilding Forum

For rods, I own a Loomis GL3 and a Loomis IMX. The Loomis are expensive but are hard to beat. –

When I was running my charter boat I was on the Loomis pro-staff…We provided Loomis IMX fly rods 10wt mega, to 17wt prototypes. Many of my customers brought their own Sage rods on board. I have had alot of experience with both. Pick ‘em! You can’t lose with either one. –

My Fly outfits for Bass are a 10′ 4wt IMX Loomis and an 8′6″ 5wt IMX Loomis. –

I have fished with a Lami 96ls, Loomis GL2 and GL3 and IMX (9′6″) and the rod I use the most now is a custom rod from TH Custom Rods that is a Rainshadow 9′ 6″ 1042 blank with a carbon fiber wrapped handle. It is a medium light action and I like it better than any of the others I have tried. I would put this Rainshadow up there with the Loomis IMX only for half the money. –

I put G. Loomis’s IMX rod up against St.Croix’s Legend Elite, and I have to say that I was really impressed with the St. Croix rod. It has a shorter handle which is easier on the wrist for the day of fishing 10+ hours. I was using a six foot, medium, fast action rod. It was great with Lindy rigs and also jigs. It is now my favorite rod. The IMX from G. Loomis is a great rod also, but not quite the top of their line as that would be the GLX. Still I liked the Loomis but thought it was a little stiffer than the St. Croix when it comes to finesse walleye presentations. The IMX model I have is a 6 ft. medium action rod. –

I can also support the Dan Craft blanks. I have built a Sig V 8′9″ 4wt and it is my go-to and favorite trout rod. I also have a 9′ 6wt FT and it is a great rod, but I like my Sig V so much better. I also like the Loomis IMX line. I built a 9′ 4wt that is a very nice rod. –

3 Responses to “User Reviews of G Loomis IMX Fly Rods”

  1. Ron Williams Says:

    I had a GLOOMIS IMX 9″ 6# for a couple of months and looked after it. I spent much time one the building, encluding such items as Titanium Reflex Guides, Struble Nickle/Silver Seat and Mammoth Tusk and Tassie Blackwood into the Grip. I used it only a few times and it snapped like a match stick. Possible Fly Strike. None of these high Modulus Rods is for the average Angler as they will not stand up to the rigours of everyday angling. Being accidently knocked, dropped, Struck By Fly are common Place and they are NOT warranted against these things. Read the Warranty before buying.
    Faulty manufacture only.. You clip it! Tough Titties Pal. I know I am there right now. Do not pay the high prices for these rods. Though they perform beautifuly are something to aspire too they are too delicate for the average Joe Blow.


  2. Neil Says:

    Hi Ron – I believe you are wrong mate – Loomis covered their products 100% until they were “acquired” by Shimano – it is Shimano that have the new “rules” in place about manufacture etc etc etc……….G.Loomis inc used to be a bunch of dedicated flyfishers with the absolute best product….wonder how Steve feels working for the new crew?? :) Must be painfull for him!!

  3. mark waldin Says:

    Don’t know if you knew this but the non-compete must have expired and Gary Loomis has started a new rod company called “North Fork Composites” at They do sell blanks. If anyone has comments on these rods and blanks would love to hear it!


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